About Mistra



About Mistra

Strategy 2030

Mistra's vision is a better world for people and nature where the environmental and climate challenges have been solved.

Mistra strategy 2030 (in Swedish).


Mistra’s vision is a better world for humankind and nature, in which environmental and climate challenges have been solved. Scientific knowledge and competence are crucial for achieving this. Our task is to invest in strategic research that drives the transition to a fossil-free, sustainable society and strengthens Sweden’s competitiveness.

Mistra in the present and for the future

The science is clear: a sustainable transition of society is required to address the environmental and climate challenges that we face. Our use of resources threatens biodiversity and our living conditions. The climate is changing ever more rapidly, and the link between human impact and extreme weather events is evident. To reverse the trend, change is required at both system and individual levels regarding everything from energy and transport to clothes and food.

Today, environmental and climate issues have a strong presence in public debate. National and international sustainability goals are to stimulate the transition that has started. However, many unsolved and complex issues must be rectified to accelerate the transition and implement it fairly. Science and expertise are necessary to implement the transition and to critically assess the development and pinpoint goal conflicts.

Mistra is an independent foundation and research funder that has invested in research of strategic significance to the environment and sustainable development since 1994. The statutes constitute the framework for Mistra’s activities.

Priorities up to 2030

To achieve our long-term vision, our priorities are exploration, cooperation and impact.


Mistra endeavours to create world-leading research environments that attract prominent scientists, contribute to new perspectives and provide solutions to environmental challenges. It is important for us to have an exploratory approach at all levels. We pay considerable attention to idea development as a foundation for new research initiatives. To create truly innovative initiatives, we want to open up the idea generation process to additional actors. We want to improve our ability to harness the initiative and research ideas of the researchers, for example through new types of calls for proposals. Our programme model with co-creation and interdisciplinary research is successful and will continue to be developed to become even better. To further enhance the quality of our research initiatives and their impact in society, we want to increase the participation of international researchers and partners in our initiatives.


Mistra creates strategic collaborations that reinforce the quality of the research and enable knowledge and learning to benefit society. Our investments help to build long-term capacity and competence as well as boosting Swedish competitiveness. When national and international funders invest more in environmental research, Mistra gains new opportunities for cooperation, for example regarding calls for proposals and communication. We want to broaden our global analysis and build on our long experience of involving actors who have not been traditionally linked to environmental and sustainability agendas. Our Mistra-funded researchers operate in academia, the business community and the public sector, now and in the future. We want to encourage expanded cooperation between our Swedish research programmes and international research, as well as greater mobility at individual level within academia and between academia and other sectors of society. This increases the opportunities for those participating in our initiatives to establish networks and relationships that create lasting value for Sweden and the world.


Mistra’s research is put to practical use in the form of processes, products, services and policy instruments. The research also delivers scientific data and expertise to decision makers in both national and international contexts. Our transdisciplinary research model involves dialogue and mutual learning among various societal actors. This helps knowledge and findings to reach the right target group and make a larger impact in society. We want our activities and research initiatives to stimulate new approaches and to contribute to accelerating a sustainable transition. We want to expand our involvement in the international research and policy arena to contribute to the decision-making on environmental and climate issues. Our research is necessary to find solutions to the challenges that we face in Sweden and globally.

The Swedish foundation for strategic environmental research supports research of strategic importance for a good living environment and sustainable development.