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28 June 2012

Operational strategy

In its operating plan for the years 2009—14, the Board has decided that Mistra should work by:

  • helping to revitalise the Swedish research and innovation system.
  • independently developing, implementing and evaluating ideas and activities to maximise quality.
  • investing in research and development that are of strategic environmental benefit to humankind and society, where possible in cooperation with other Swedish or international funders.
  • awarding grants only in competition following application calls.
  • examining applications in terms of both scientific quality and benefit to society.
  • implementing research programmes jointly with academia, businesses, public administration and NGOs.
  • developing sustainable asset management in a global economy.
  • reviewing its priorities annually and carrying out a strategic audit every six years
  • investing up to SEK 1.2 billion in strategic environmental research during the current six-year period.