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Mistra Newsletter No. 2, 2015external link, opens in new window

THE SWEDISH FOUNDATION FOR STRATEGIC ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH supports research of strategic importance for a good living environment and sustainable development.


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25 Mars 2015

Mistra’s Board has decided to invest up to SEK 42 million, over a four-year period, in the REES (Resource-Efficient and Effective Solutions, based on circular economy thinking) research programme. Linköping University was the principal applicant.


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17 February 2014

New Environmental Humanities initiative

Mistra and the Swedish Research Council Formas are funding an Environmental Humanities research programme to be led by Linköping University. In one of the largest Swedish humanities initiatives of all time, the researchers will develop platform for investigating environmental problems from the perspectives of the humanities.


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28 December 2014

Banking and other financial services can contribute to a sustainable society. Green bonds and reasons why sustainable investments are profitable were emphasised at a recent conference.